Victorian Car Crashes Map – Breakdown

Car Crashes on Victorian roads can now be accessed via VicRoads. Plotting 3 years of these crashes on a map of the state creates the map below This post includes more information on what’s behind this visualisation and the interesting things within it. To access an interactive version of the visualisation click here.

Travel: Thailand – Wat Phra Kaew

12 Months of Movies – 2014

Descriptive Stats Sample Size: Watched 103 movies in 2014. 68 were for the first time, 12 at the cinema. Movie Consumption: On average watched 2 movies per week, or 8.5 per month. Movie Ratings Mean: 6.9 stars, Median: 7 stars Max: No new 10’s this year, they were all favourites I was rewatching. Gone Girl […]

Travel: New Zealand – Bay of Islands & Waitomo

Travel: New Zealand – South Island

Databending Images

Thanks to this awesome post (found via Flowing Data) I have discovered a process known as databending. Basically you import an image file into Audacity, then modify the file as though it was an audio file. Below are the results of databending a few photos this weekend. The echo, amplify and phaser effects seem to […]

Painting with Light 1.4: Upgrades

Follows Painting with Light 1.3: New Designs Have made a few upgrades lately to the software toolchain and also what I was using to capture the images. My Canon SX280 is a great camera, but that 30 second exposure just wasn’t cutting the mustard… Nikon D3300 with unlimited exposure time. Now we’re talking my language!

Travel: New Zealand – Tiritiri & Rotorua

Painting with Light 1.3: New Designs

Follows Painting with Light 1.2: Patterns Emerge As much fun as this has been to play around with, the print area is just too small! Using SketchUp I’ve come up with some designs for a new scaled up version using MakerBeam and pulleys (instead of threaded rods like current design). This should give a total […]

Painting with Light 1.2: Patterns Emerge

Follows Painting with Light 1.0: Getting Started Changes Following my initial attempts, 5mm LEDs have been replaced with a set of 3mm LEDs to provide a little bit of extra resolution. Light pollution has been decreased a bit too by painting the bottom of the LEDs and some of the topmost surfaces of PCBs, stages. […]