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12 Months of Movies – 2014

Descriptive Stats Sample Size: Watched 103 movies in 2014. 68 were for the first time, 12 at the cinema. Movie Consumption: On average watched 2 movies per week, or 8.5 per month. Movie Ratings Mean: 6.9 stars, Median: 7 stars Max: No new 10’s this year, they were all favourites I was rewatching. Gone Girl […]

Understanding the Enigma

In World War II the German Military used a rotor cipher machine commonly known as “Enigma” to communicate in secret. Because of the seemingly random way it encrypted messages it was an extremely effective piece of equipment during its heyday. Enigma went through many iterations each of which drove interesting developments in mathematics and computer […]

12 Months of Movies – 2013

For the last year I’ve been recording details about every movie I’ve watched. This only includes movies I haven’t seen before, or haven’t seen for at least 3-4 years (such that it’s kind of like watching it for the first time anyway). In addition to when I watched it, I’ve also recorded details such as […]

Nicolas Cage Research Part 4 – Wrapping Up

This is the final post rounding out the series of posts analysing and speculating over his career. So far we’ve had a retrospective look at his career, tried to work out if he is a good actor and also looked into whether his movies are getting worse. To say Nicolas Cage has had an exceptional […]

Nicolas Cage Research Part 3 – Are Nicolas Cage movies getting worse?

In order to determine if films with Cage are getting worse, comparisons of his movies over time will be necessary. A lot of this has already been touched on in previous sections, but it will be done with a bit more rigour here. There are several ways of judging a movie, and using only one […]

Nicolas Cage Research Part 2 – Good or Bad Actor?

Due to his strange style and eclectic choice of films Cage has attracted considerable criticism and has become a point of controversy for many. There are certain questions that recur in conversation, in the news and across the internet: Is Nicolas Cage Immortal? Is Nicolas Cage a Vampire? Why is Nicolas Cage everywhere? Is Nicolas […]

Nicolas Cage Research Part 1 – Career in Retrospect

“I am not a demon. I am a lizard, a shark, a heat-seeking panther. I want to be Bob Denver on acid playing the accordion.” Nicolas Cage   Nicolas Cage is a man who has in recent decades made a name for himself acting in a long list of movies from a wide variety of […]