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12 Months of Movies – 2013 | Swimming the Styx

12 Months of Movies – 2013


For the last year I’ve been recording details about every movie I’ve watched. This only includes movies I haven’t seen before, or haven’t seen for at least 3-4 years (such that it’s kind of like watching it for the first time anyway). In addition to when I watched it, I’ve also recorded details such as when the movie was released, it’s IMDb rating, the genre keywords associated with it and other similar bits of info. The list of movies is embedded below, but can also be viewed at googledocs if it doesn’t load.

The rest of this post is a quick look at what my favourite and most hated films watched in the year were. It is a good representation of the kind of movies I watch, though I realised while writing that it does gloss over certain things. Since I was only recording the first time I watched a movie it does skip a lot of things. For example there is no mention of the fact that I must have watched Iron Man 3, The Avengers or the last two Fast & Furious movies 3-5 times each in 2013.

Descriptive Stats

Sample Size: 90 movies watched, 20 of which were at the cinema.

Movie Consumption: Each day I watch 0.25 movies I haven’t seen before. That is 1.73 a week or 7.5 a month.

Variable – My Rating:

Mean 6.5 stars, Median 7.0 stars.

Min: 3 stars (Doomsday)

Max: 9 stars (Iron Man 3, Fast and Furious 6, The World’s End)

With such a high median it would seem I generally watch movies I enjoy (yay), but am occasionally cursed with the odd piece of crap like Doomsday. As a side note, the mean of IMDb ratings for these movies was 7.0, making me ever so slightly more critical than those who lurk on IMDB.

Variable – Year of Release:

Mean: 2003, Median 2009

Min: 1948 (Treasure of the Sierra Madre)

Max: 2013 (too many to mention)

Not surprisingly most of the movies I watch are quite recent. The few old movies I watch in an attempt to catch up on what I missed while not being born does drag the Mean year of release down considerably

Favourite Genre: Action – 41 Movies (45%) included the Action genre keyword.

Favourite Actor: Nicolas Cage – 5 movies.

Best and Worst Movies of 2013


Favourites: Furious 6 (best cinema experience I’ve had in a while), Iron Man 3 and The World’s End. Honorable mentions also awarded to Django Unchained and Thor: The Dark World

Most Hated: Doomsday, as evidenced by the 3 stars I gave it. I think it’s probably the most hilariously painful movie I’ve ever watched. Honorable mentions also awarded to Pathfinder, The Host and The Messengers (which I accidentally confused with “The Messenger”).

Overrated (my rating < imdb rating): 28 Weeks Later, the previously mentioned Doomsday and Bridesmaids (for which I do not think I was the target audience).

Underrated (my rating > imdb rating): The previously mentioned The World’s End (which flew under my radar completely), Aladdin & the King of Thieves (nostalgia factor), Juan of the Dead and Revenge of the Nerds (to which I connect with on a spiritual level).

Movies that are so bad they are amazing: Captain Ron, The Host, Cutie Honey. I’d recommend getting extremely drunk or high before watching any of these.

Genre Chart

Plotted on the chart below are the percentage of certain genre keywords associated with the movies I was watching each month. It is fairly obvious my tastes are weighted towards action/adventure/sci fi movies in general (I have a short attention span and like seeing things explode).

Movie Genres

Romance movies following Feb: Post valentines day romance binge perhaps? I looked at the movies and I think this mostly has to do with a string of 80’s coming of age movies I was watching at the time (Breakfast Club, Sixteen Candles) and movies I was watching at the suggestion of friends (Clueless, Easy A, Quiet American, Princess Bride, The Host). Takeaway: 80’s coming of age movies are awesome; my friends might not be for suggesting The Host.

Action & Adventure spike in August: Looks like I went through a phase where my attention phase was shorter than usual. Movies for August included 2 Transformers movies, Captain Ron, Clash of the Titans and DOA: Dead or Alive so I was clearly more interested in things exploding or getting kicked in the face than I was in movie quality.

Drama spike in September: From the chart it would appear I burnt out on action movies at the end of August and started watching Dramas instead. This is only partially true. Each column sums to 100% so what it doesn’t show is that I just watched less movies in September (I didn’t watch a movie until the end of the third week). So the terrible quality of what I watched in August didn’t turn me towards dramas, it actually turned me away from movies completely for a while. Note to self: Regulate intake of crappy action movies in future.

Most Watched Actors

  • Nicolas Cage – 5 Movies (plus countless others not included in the analysis since I’d seen them before): No I’m not ashamed that the actor I’d seen the most of in 2013 was Nicolas Cage, he is a great man.
  • Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint – 4 movies: I’ve been rewatching the Harry Potter series, hence why I’ve seen these 3 so much.
  • Shia Lebouf: 3 movies. Okay, this I am ashamed of.

All other actors I’d only seen once or twice, though it feels like a lot more than this. This could be partly because I only included the top 2-3 actors from each film, but it is more likely because I have a tendency to rewatch my favourite movies with my favourite actors over and over again. If including movies I was rewatching then Robert Downey Jr and Vin Diesel would both be way above Nicolas Cage.

Wrapping Up

And that’s it for 2013! Honestly I don’t think I learnt much here, though it did at least help me to remember what I watched this year. The only important takeaways that occur to me are:
  • Nicolas Cage is awesome.
  • I watch too many action movies.

Other than that all I can recommend is to see movies like Iron Man 3, Furious 6, World’s End, Juan of the Dead and Cutie Honey if you haven’t already.

I’ll be doing a similar piece at the end of next year, though I’ll try to step it up to the next level before then. If I record every movie I watch (including repeats) and work this into the IMDb API I should be able to produce some pretty awesome (and extremely useless) insights.

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