Swimming the Styx is an attempt to capture several hobbies and interests in one place. Documenting something after you’ve done it is one of the best ways to consolidate lessons learnt and future ideas, so that’s what the site is for.

An increasingly large focus of this site will be on Data Visualisation, but except to see other topics from time to time.

  • Data Visualisation: Including analysis, visualisation (mostly d3 or Tableau) and how-to guides.
  • Electronics: In particular projects related to visualising light, garduino or 3D printing.
  • Gardening: Green thumb leads to attempting to grow things wherever there is space to allow it.
  • Photography: Landscape and Cityscape photography in general interest me and will feature on the site from time to time.

The most important thing here is to always be working on a broad range of interesting and challenging projects from a variety of areas/disciplines. Expect the post mix to change around from time to time accordingly.

Suggestions or tips on interesting data sources or project ideas are always welcome and can be sent to my email

You can follow the site as well on Twitter which tweets as @StyxSwimmer

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