Nicolas Cage Research Part 4 – Wrapping Up

Nicolas Cage

This is the final post rounding out the series of posts analysing and speculating over his career. So far we’ve had a retrospective look at his career, tried to work out if he is a good actor and also looked into whether his movies are getting worse.

To say Nicolas Cage has had an exceptional career is an understatement. He has starred in over 60 films which have collectively grossed over five billion dollars, won an Academy Award for Best Actor and is one of the most well known actors of our time. Despite this he has also developed a reputation for being one of the most eccentric actors in Hollywood and to match the highs of his careers he has also had some horrible lows. He has made movies that are undoubtedly awful, rightfully earning him considerable criticism and four Golden Raspberry nominations for Worst Actor (though he is somehow still yet to win one). To many it would seem the quality of his movies and acting was deteriorating with each film he made.

Whether this meant he was either a good or a bad actor was unclear. Though Google Trends shows he might have more in common with bad actors than good, he seems too famous (and too profitable) to actually be a bad actor. It seems more likely that he is a good actor with either poor choice of movies or a style which simply rubs people the wrong way.

As for the quality of his movies over time there is some truth to the notion that his career is worsening. There is statistical evidence to show that since his initial breakthrough in 1990 the performance of his films in terms of their rating, views and financial performance has actually been decreasing.

Though we will not ever be able to determine if Nicolas Cage is either a good or a bad actor, we can certainly deduce that he has a skill for polarising people. He manages to draw both the most hateful criticisms and the most glowing reviews in equal measure. Few actors in our time have drawn as wide a range of reactions or become as famous as Cage has.

As to where he is headed next, if his movies are truly worsening then Nicolas Cage will likely continue on his slow downward trajectory. It is almost certain he will make a multitude of bad movies in coming years, but if there is one thing we have learnt about Nicolas Cage it is that he is an eccentric man with a knack for comebacks. If history is any indicator then there is a very good chance that between the multitude of bad ones he will make a couple of great films during his inevitable descent into madness. I for one am looking forward to all of them.

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