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12 Months of Movies – 2014 | Swimming the Styx

12 Months of Movies – 2014


Descriptive Stats

Sample Size: Watched 103 movies in 2014. 68 were for the first time, 12 at the cinema.


Movie Consumption: On average watched 2 movies per week, or 8.5 per month.

Movie Ratings

Mean: 6.9 stars, Median: 7 stars

Max: No new 10’s this year, they were all favourites I was rewatching. Gone Girl and Guardians of the Galaxy were highest for this year (more below).

Min: 4 stars (Divergent)

Apparently I’m getting better at choosing movies too: Unlike last year where there were several things I hated (from memory I was actually doing this on purpose), this year there only a couple of movies that only slightly annoyed me (Divergent, The Hobbit etc).

Year of Release:

Mean: 2005, Median: 2010.

Min: 1968 (Once Upon a Time in the West)

Max: 2014 (20% of movies watched)

Still fighting a losing battle trying to catch up on the classics.

Favourite Genre: Action and Adventure, making up 67% of movies watched.

  • Gone Girl (9.5/10): Absolute rollercoaster of a mindfuck.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy (9/10): Perfect Marvel Sci-fi with the hilarious Chris Pratt.
  • Chef (9/10): Jon Favreau atones for his sins on Iron Man 2.
  • The Lego Movie (8.5/10): Like Toy Story on cocaine, so much fun! Also, Chris Pratt again.
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel (8.5/10): Wes does it again (but fails to top The Life Aquatic). Quite a good stocking stuffer at Christmas too…
  • 22 Jump Street (8/10): This is quickly becoming one of my favourite franchises and Channing is becoming one of my favourite actors too. Hilarious fun.
  • Divergent (4/10): It’s an okay movie but it’s just so teeny and elicited many audible groans in the cinema (I thought it was a different movie, don’t judge).
  • The Hobbit #3 (5/10): The fight scenes were amazing, but the movie was just too long and padded with far too much crap. Watching it was a test of endurance and was glad when it finished.
  • The Brothers Bloom (9/10): Bit of an old one but this is actually a really good movie. The characters and movie pacing make this a really fun adventure type movie to watch.
  • Blue Ruin (7.5/10): From Cannes, this is a story of vengeance but not like you know it. The main character is a complete fuckup making it a very realistic and ‘human’ movie to watch. Refreshing take on the genre.
  • Yo-yo Girl Cop (6/10): It’s Japanese. She has a Yo-yo. There are a lot of school uniforms.
  • Channing Tatum: I’ve come to the shocking realisation that Channing isn’t another pretty boy in Hollywood, this guy is actually one of the coolest and funniest actors going round. Between Jump Street and White House Down he’s quickly becoming one of my favourites.
  • Chris Pratt: Between The Lego Movie, Guardians of the Galaxy and Parks and Recreation this guy is developing a habit of featuring almost exclusively in my favourite movies and TV shows (and being the best part of them too).
  • Favourite directors David Fincher (Gone Girl) and Wes Anderson (The Grand Budapest Hotel) deserve honorable mentions for their contributions this year. Most surprising for me though is the combination of Phil Lord & Christopher Miller. Not really sure where they’ve come from, but considering they are responsible for The Lego Movie and both the Jump Street movies (only noticed this while writing this post) they definitely deserve mentioning!


I’ve plotted two years this time but not much has changed since last year. Action/Adventure/Sci-fi still dominate everything else but do float up and down. It seems like every 4 months I have to detox from Action movies and switch to comedies/dramas for a while. Still haven’t managed to find that illusive balance…


MovieAnalysis2014_09 That about sums up my take on 2014. See Gone Girl and basically anything from the last 2-3 years with either Chris Pratt or Channing Tatum in it if you haven’t already. As for next year…
  • Avengers Age of Ultron: I know this franchise is going to collapse sooner or later, but god I hope it’s not until sometime after I’ve died.
  • Furious 7: I’ve been waiting for this pretty much since I saw the last one. Pleasseeeeee be amazing.
  • Jurrasic World: Chris Pratt is in it, but I swear to god if they fuck up this franchise…
  • Jupiter Ascending: Generic sci-fi from Wachowski siblings with Channing Tatum. Has the air of a resounding failure but I remain hopeful.
  • Star Wars Episode VII: No comment…

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